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canwinn foundation healthcare ngo award by health department gurgaon

Appreciation letter
Health Department, Gurgaon

CanWinn Foundation received an appreciation letter from the Health Department in Gurugram for its significant efforts in the health sector and for its National Program for the Control of Blindness. This honor is symbolized by Dr. Virendra Yadav, Civil Surgeon of Gurugram, and Dr. Isha Narang, Deputy Civil Surgeon of Gurugram.
canwinn foundation healthcare ngo appreciation award

Appreciation letter
Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

On October 19, 2019, in acknowledgment of participation in the celebration of the accomplishment of the 100th patient in bone marrow transplant surgery, Artemis Hospital gave an appreciation letter to the CanWinn Foundation.
canwinn foundation award by health department gurgaon

Exceptional Efforts Certificate
Health Department, Gurgaon​

During COVID-19, CanWinn worked diligently. So, on August 15, 2020, the CanWinn Foundation was awarded for exceptional efforts during the pandemic crisis by the Health Department Gurugram.
canwinn foundation award by deputy inspector general of police gurgaon

Deputy Inspector General
of Police, Gurgaon

CanWinn has always done incredible work for humanity and stood by to make a healthier India. The Deputy Inspector general of police group centre Gurugram awarded the CanWinn foundation for this.

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