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At one point in our life, the lower back also known as the lumbar region could get sensitive. This might be happening in such cases as if we have to move a lot throughout the day or have to sit continuously for hours, our lower back gets affected because of our lifestyle. Therefore, you can feel pain in your lumbar region.

To get you some relief through this pain, we are going to share 5 yoga Aasan for back pain relief instantly by Canwinn. The pain is something that interferes with your mood, your work, or any activity you are doing. It distracts you from thinking straight.

For instance, consider doing Yoga that has no side effects but only healthy effects on your body. You will see yoga poses for back pain throughout the end.
By yoga, you can see the mysterious relief in your pain.

You must consider working towards a healthy lower spine that will not be caused you pain in the future as well. The benefits of yoga for back pain are so many.

Find below the 5 Yoga asanas For Back pain relief Instantly -Canwinn

These five yoga poses will surely relieve your lower back pain:

1. Supine Twist

This yoga to relieve back pain is considered to be a great tension reliever for your entire back. It is also associated with your neck.
To perform this:

  • Now, bring your arms to a T shaped on the floor along with bringing your knees towards your chest.
  • After that, lower your name to the last and do it very slowly.
  • Lay down on the floor and relax your body
  • While doing so keep your neck neutral or turn the neck away from the knees.
  • Keep your shoulders on the floor while doing a supine twist.
  • To Limit the lifting of the top knee, you can place a block between your knees.
  • Perform this yoga for 2 to 3 minutes on both sides.

2. Sphinx Pose

If you want to tone the spine and stimulate the sacral-lumbar arch, this yoga is perfect for you. If you are one of the people who sit for hours in the daily routine, you must consider using a sphinx pose. Sitting a lot can cause pain by flattening the lower back. Therefore, through this pose, you can naturally curve the lower back.

To perform this:

  • First, lay on your stomach. Keep your feet hip-width apart.
  • Now, set your elbows under the shoulders. However, move your elbows forward if you are feeling excessive pressure on your back.
  • For deeper bend, put a cushion under your elbows.
  • Stay in the Sphinx Pose for 2 minutes. Then, relax on the floor by lowering your upper body.

3. Thread the Needle Pose

Thread the Needle Pose is the yoga sequence for back pain that helps stretching your outer thighs, hips, spine, and lower back.

To perform this:

  • First, lay on the floor and keep your feets’ soles on the ground.
  • Keep a distance between your feet and hips.
  • Now, put the right ankle on the left thigh. While doing so, make your foot flexed.
  • Then, the right arm will go in the space created between legs. The left-arm will be kept outside the left thigh.
  • By keeping in mind the available space, interlace your fingers on the shin’s top or behind your knee.
  • Relax your shoulders and back.

Stay in the pose of 2-2 mins on each side, respectively.

4. Cat and Cow Pose

This is of the yoga pose that will relieve your lower back pain. This will help you stretch your entire spine.

To perform this:

  • Begin with your knees and hands.
  • When you breathe in, try to lift your chest and tailbone towards the ceiling.
  • And when you breathe out, arch your back press them through the shoulder blades and drop your hand.
  • Continue performing this yoga for back pain according to your breaths.
  • Do it for 7-8 times.

5. Downward Facing Dog

This yoga pose will lengthen and decompresses your entire spine

To perform this:

  • Bend your knees, make your back straight and long, and move your tailbone towards the ceiling.
  • Gradually stretch one leg and bring the heel closer towards the ground.
  • Make your shoulder blades towards the spine and try to lower them by rotating your upper arms.
  • Do this with each leg, while completing your 5 deep breaths.

Final Words

Canwinn foundation recommends you to take care of your lower back by using yoga to relieve back pain. Don’t sit continuously for a long time, move frequently, and stretch your body.
If your back pain is extreme, consider visiting a Doctor or take advice from free online consultation.

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