COVID-19: What’s the Difference Between Pandemic, Epidemic, and Outbreak?

COVID-19 What’s the Difference Between Pandemic Epidemic and Outbreak

As we all know, The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The novel coronavirus is making headlines, therefore, knowing the difference between an outbreak, pandemic, and epidemic can be of advantage. 

The conversations about the coronavirus are included three important words: outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic. But are they using them correctly in the sentences? No, so far we have mixed these terms, and yet we don’t know the exact meaning of these terms.

Today, Canwinn Foundation will clarify the Difference Between an outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic.

Simply put, the difference between these three scenarios of disease spread is a matter of scale.


Small, but unusual.

The term describes the scenario in which epidemiologists track diseases over time and geography to predict a number of cases of sickness that is going to happen within a definite period of time, place, and population.

When the expected number of cases increases even if it is small but noticeable, it is called an outbreak.

Let’s see an example to understand more clearly:

Imagine an unusual spike in the number of students with a common cold at a hostel. One or two sick students might be normal in a typical week, but if 20 students in a hostel come down with a common cold all at once, that is an outbreak.

According to history, whenever a new disease occurs, outbreaks become noticeable because the anticipated number of illnesses caused by that disease was zero. 


Bigger and spreading.

Simply speaking, an outbreak over a larger geographic area is considered an epidemic. Let’s see the current example of epidemic disease-

Outside the Wuhan, when people began testing positive for infection with SARS-CoV-2, epidemiologists knew the outbreak was spreading. SARS-CoV-2 causes the current epidemic disease known as COVID-19. Moreover, the containment efforts were insufficient or came too late. Of course, that was expected, as there is no treatment or vaccine is yet available. 

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Thus, the widespread cases of novel coronavirus across China meant that the Wuhan outbreak had grown to an epidemic. Now, this epidemic is destroying lives across the globe.


International and out of control.

In the most classical sense, when the epidemic disease spreads to multiple countries or regions of the world, it is considered a pandemic. You can imagine the level of situations when an outbreak gradually becomes a pandemic. We all are currently, experiencing the same.

We would like to say that please do not panic, our nation will soon be recovered from COVID-19.

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