Everything You Want To Know About Tongue Cancer & Treatment

Everything You Want To Know About Tongue Cancer & Treatment

Tongue cancer is a bizarre type of cancer that develops in the cells of the tongue. There may be a long list of reasons. Although it is a rare type of cancer that is rarely seen, cases of tongue cancer have also been seen in the recent past. Most of these cases have been observed with tobacco users. Many types of symptoms of tongue cancer have been seen such as prolonged chewing or difficulty swallowing, constant pain in the throat, pain in the jaw or tongue, etc. The disease diagnoses by biopsy tests by physicians. Tongue cancer is a serious life-threatening problem that is almost impossible to overcome. Therefore, it is advisable not to consume alcohol, smoking, and tobacco.

Here cancer of the tongue is divided into two parts: first is in the front part of the tongue and second is in the non-visible part of the tongue. Cancer is easily detectable in the front part of the tongue, but the cancer of the backside of tongue can not be easily detected. If cancer in the front part is small then it can be easily removed by an operation. The cancer of the hind limb is of a serious nature, so the process of its treatment is complicated.

Early-stage Tongue Cancer Symptoms:

– Numbness of mouth
– Constant pain in tongue or throat
– Tongue knot formation
– Red or white rashes in the tongue
– Long-term cure of blisters
– Neck pain while swallowing
– feeling a knot in the neck
– Jaw pain and swelling
– Gingival loosening


The thing to know here is that the symptoms of cancer are not detected in the back part of the tongue. It is, therefore, a complex problem.

Causes of tongue cancer – The exact cause of tongue cancer has not yet been known. Cancer is a bunch of abnormally developed cells that spreads very rapidly. The followings are considered as the main causes of tongue cancer:

– Tobacco consumption
– Drinking
– HIV infection
– Dental filling fluid put into the tongue
– Heredity


Therefore, a person who consumes tobacco or alcohol is advised to get regular checkups and consult a doctor. In addition, a balanced diet is recommended. Yoga, exercise and balanced eating reduce the risk of cancer.

First Stage Tongue cancer screening

– Family History Inquiry
– Alcohol, smoking or tobacco consumption inquiries
– Mouth Check 
– Biopsy Test
– Tissue examination of the affected area of ​​the tongue
– Throat CT scan or MRI scan


In this way, in order to confirm cancer in any person, doctors do all the above types of inquiries, investigations, and tests.

Treatment of tongue cancer – Treatment of tongue cancer depends on where the tumor is situated and how big it is. Treatment of tongue cancer can be done in the following ways:

Operation: Tumor can be removed by operation. If there is cancer in the front part of the tongue, it can cut off from the tongue and can be separated. If cancer is detected early in the front part, then the tumor can be removed by a small operation. Complicated surgery can be done to remove a large tumor called partial glossectomy. In this, a part of the tongue is separated and removed. Reconstruction surgery can also be done by physicians if a large part of the tongue has been removed. In this surgery, the tissue is reconstructed by removing the tissue from the skin of another part of the body and applying it in place of the tongue. If cancer has spread to the lymph nodes of the neck, neck surgery may be performed to remove it.

Chemotherapy – Cancer treatment is also possible without surgery. Cancer is destroyed by the process of destroying cells throughout the body. The patient can be cured by doing the death of cancer cells. This therapy can be used for throat cancer.

Radiation Therapy – This therapy is used by the Oncologist. In this therapy, powerful radiation eliminates cancer tissues. This is a special type of therapy that only destroys cancerous cells, but does not hurt the other body cells. Radiation therapy eliminates cancer cells as well as prevents cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

Targeted drug therapy: This therapy is performed using drugs in the same way as chemotherapy. But it is different from traditional chemotherapy. Targeted therapy works by targeting cancer-specific genes, proteins, or tissue environments that contribute to cancer development and survival. These genes and proteins are found in cancer cells or in cells related to cancer development, such as blood vessel cells.

Post-treatment procedures – After treatment of cancer, some other treatments are also given to the survivor such as speech therapy. Also, it is taught to move the tongue and move the jaw under control.

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