How long can coronavirus live on surfaces?

How long can coronavirus live on surfaces

According to the studies, if the virus is settled on plastic and steel, it will live up to 72 hours. That’s huge!

You should keep your plastic and steel stuff clean so if they are contaminated, things like liquid bleach can be useful to kill the virus.

Moreover, as per new research suggests, novel coronavirus can survive on the surfaces for three days. These surfaces include plastic and steel. However, if we talk about the percent of the risk, the experts say that the risk of getting an infection from touching that material is low. A new study has also suggested that the virus disintegrates over a day on cardboard, diminishing the worry among consumers that transfers will spread the virus during this period of staying and working from home. 

Coronavirus in the Air

When the virus becomes suspended in droplets that are smaller than 5 micrometers, it can stay suspended for about half an hour before sailing down and settling on surfaces. These are also known as aerosols. Furthermore, on the surface, it can remain for hours. According to the World Health Organization’s findings on aerosol is that the virus is not transported by air.

In Conclusion, when the coronavirus settles on plastic and steel, it survives for up to 72 hours which is the longest period on its survival. However, the amount of viable virus decreases sharply over this duration. It does poorly on copper, surviving four hours. 

On cardboard, it survives up to 24 hours. Therefore, it suggests packages that arrive in the mail should have only low levels of the virus. But this is only true until unless the delivery person has coughed or sneezed on it or might have touched it with contaminated hands.

The information released by organizations is true in general. However, if the people who handle any of these materials are sick, the actual risk of getting infected from any of these materials is high.

Therefore, you should always be careful about handling things that are coming from outside.

Practice regular cleaning of home and materials to diminish the infection of coronavirus.

Things about Cleaning and disinfecting household surfaces

  • Clean the Same areas you tackle in normal times
  • Carefully clean the food preparation surfaces and other high-touch surfaces, including light switches, faucets, remote controls, doorknobs, refrigerator door, and microwave handles, and your computer keyboard.
  • Before disinfecting, remove any visible dirt and grime
  • Avoid using any disinfectants that are acidic on a porous material
  • If disinfecting any surfaces that come into contact with food (such as counters or cutting boards), rinse them with water after the disinfectant dries.
  • Use any disinfectant you have on hand for hard, durable surfaces that are meant to be chemically resistant, such as metals, granite or tiles.
  • Use tried-and-true disinfectants such as bleach (sodium hypochlorite)

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