How should I react when someone having a panic attack.

How should I react when someone having a panic attack

If a person with us suddenly undergoes a panic attack, then suddenly we get nervous in that situation and do not understand what to do in that situation. This is a very difficult situation and it is a difficult task to decide what to do and what not to do.

In such a situation, instead of being nervous, one should work with restraint and patience. This is not a more common situation but it is definitely a matter of minor concern. In such a situation some of the following things can be noted like –

1. Stay with the person and ask him to calm down.
2. Touch the person easily and start comforting.
3. Ask the person to inhale slowly.
4. Try to talk to the person constantly and do not let him faint.
5. Offer the person if he takes any regular medicine.
6. Talk in simple and concise sentences.

The person can be spoken using a few sentences such as –

“All is well, no problem”
“You are Ok”
“Try to take a long breath”
“Be Comfortable”
“Nothing to worry about”
“There is nothing to fear”
“I’m with you”
“No need to take stress”

Some sentences should not be used accidentally as well –

“What happened? What happened to you?”
“What is happening to you?”
“Do you have any disease?”
“Where is your home or family?”

Some other things to keep in mind, such as –

First of all, keep in mind that you yourself are fine and not nervous. Handle a person who has a panic attack and make him feel not alone by touching easily. Tell him to calm down and not worry. Hold his hand in your hand and ask him to be patient. Do not let the crowd gather around and get enough air.

Can a person who has a panic attack be Hugged?

There is no need to think more rightly or wrongly on this question. This panic attack depends on the person’s condition. If a person suffering from a panic attack is in a state of unconsciousness, it is more important to keep him awake than to perform a hag. And if this is not the case, then hag can be done. Apart from this, one should try to provide possible medical help to the person.

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