Coronavirus and Immune Deficiencies: Corona Tips

Recommend by the experts, we have, so far, came to know various corona tips that somehow, are helping to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. In the past few months, have you ever read about the term ‘immunocompromised’?
Well, the scientists announced that people with chronic conditions such as lupus and diabetes, which affect the immune system, are at a higher risk of developing severe complications from coronavirus.

Today, Canwinn Foundation will discuss the immunocompromised patients and COVID-19.

The unofficially became “flu-and-coronavirus season”, there’s a lot of buzz going around on those who are most at risk for severe complications from COVID-19.
Specifically, the elderly and those who are immunocompromised are in the limelight. However, do you know what immunocompromised mean? If not, go through this article.


Immunosuppressed or immunocompromised strictly means that you have a weak immune system. Therefore, by looking at the current conditions, an immunocompromised person cannot fight infections as much as people with a healthy immune system. Similarly, the persons who are immunocompromised tend to more susceptible to getting infected with viruses in the first place. The affected person’s immune system takes a long time to fight off the infections.
Intelligently without risking life, immunocompromised individuals should in their limitations zone to keep themselves safe from catching the disease.

What immunocompromised people should do during the coronavirus outbreak?

In case, you are one of those whose immune system is compromised by one of the bad health conditions or medication, doctors recommend staying home to keep yourself safe during coronavirus. Such people should be early adopters of ‘social distancing’ strategies before getting themselves in bad and dark conditions. Social Distancing includes, working from home, not using public transportation, maintaining a 5 feet distance from the neighbors, and avoiding large crowds.

Similarly, if you have seen any person in your society that is sick, you must keep yourself away. There is no offense in doing so. Most importantly, If you take medications for your condition, consider getting them from medicine home delivery with a sufficient back up of supplies. Remember, any situation can arise, like you will have to isolate yourself at home through an epidemic, therefore, make sure you have extra supplies of food and other essential things in hand.

Coronavirus Infected People

In addition, if you are an infected person or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, consider avoiding transmission of coronavirus by wearing masks, avoiding shake hands, dodging hugs, spitting in public, maintaining hygiene, and most importantly, staying home as much as possible.

Coronavirus and Immune Deficiencies

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