Instructions To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19 For Individuals And Families

Instructions To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19 For Individuals And Families

Today, we are sharing some recommendations for individuals and families provided by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


  • First of all, be alert for any update from public health officials regarding COVID-19 in your area.
  • Analyze household members who are at higher risk such as older adults and those with severe chronic illnesses. After that, take action to lessen the risk of getting infected from coronavirus.
  • Renew your emergency contact list and include household members, community resources, and healthcare providers.
  • Follow precautionary measures provided by the government and the World Health Organisation such as regular washing of hands, disinfection of frequently touched objects, and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Arrange a spare room that can be used for isolation in case a household member gets sick.

Act (in case of an outbreak)

The CDC recommends:

  • Seek urgent medical attention in case you develop any emergency warning signs for COVID-19. You can check the emergency warning sign on the WHO website. In addition, consult your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face

Practice social distancing, Stay away from people at least 6 feet.

  • Stay away from others who are currently ill.
  • For older adults and those with severe chronic illnesses:
  • Stay at home and away from crowds as much as possible;
  • have several weeks’ worth of medication and supplies if staying at home; and
  • observe good hand hygiene.

How Can Businesses Protect Employees From COVID-19?

Along with Corona infected patients, COVID-19 has affected businesses and industries worldwide. Therefore, it is best (or We might the only option left) for employers to learn ways to prevent COVID-19 from becoming an occupational hazard. Businesses and organizations can practice the following to mitigate risks in the workplace:

Adopt proper knowledge dissemination in the workplace and cascade guidelines that employees can obey concerning Novel Corona Virus.

Read and follow the CDC’s recommendation for employers:

  • Employees should be notified and asked to stay at home for the safety.
  • Employees who are sick or become sick while in the workplace should be separated from other employees immediately.
  • Instruct employees on proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • Environmental cleaning should be routine. Frequently touched surfaces should always be cleaned.

Tool for COVID-19 Preparation

Novel Corona Virus is the newest pandemic that impacted the entire world. Sadly, there are confirmed cases increasing exponentially every day in many countries. 

As the cure is absent, the best defense against COVID-19 is to ensure that recommended protocols are followed thoroughly.

This is how you can prevent getting infected and control its spread. 

Most of the states in India are also locked down by the government to prevent Corona’s spread. Canwinn Foundation request you to follow the instruction given by the WHO to keep yourself and the entire human race safe.

Important Contact details:

Now you can Whats app on MYGOV CORONA HELPDESK +91-9013151515 for any queries related to Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Your queries will be resolved in real-time with automated responses.

Helpline Number Toll-free: 1075


Helpline Email ID : ncov2019[at]gov[dot]in OR


Website :[dot]in/

Check when you should get tested �

Quarantine if advised

Please maintain social distance to help yourself and your family stay safe.

Find below the List of districts reporting COVID-19 cases �

Isolation of persons traveling from affected countries or places for at least 14 days

Please watch the videos by Director, AIIMS – Delhi to learn and clear your doubts on Coronavirus �

Coronavirus infection can be prevented through the following means �

✔ Clean hand with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub 

✔ Cover nose and mouth when coughing & sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow

✔ Avoid close contact & maintain 1-meter distance with anyone who is coughing or sneezing

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