Lockdown: Unique Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Family & Stop COVID-19

Lockdown Unique Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Family Stop COVID-19

As of 23rd March, PM Narendra Modi has declared a lockdown down till 31st March that later extended till 14th April. Therefore, as the country has been locked, suddenly the lives of each and every individual has been affected.

The normal office days, school days, fun-weekend days, etc has become the same. While you must follow the lockdown rules and stay at home for the safety from novel coronavirus, you can invest this time in creativity and fun.

Canwinn Foundation is sharing Unique Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Family & Stop COVID-19:

Stay positive and use the quarantine time for productive activities to enhance your skills.

Spend quality time with family 

When you have the opportunity to stay at home 24/7, you should make it pleasant with family members. 

  • Have Dinner Together For Spending Time With Family
  • Try to connect yourself as much as you can with family conversations
  • Crack jokes and take the same in return
  • Conduct family prayers During this frightening crisis to calm your mind

Include your effort in making dishes in the home 

If you are not a regular cook in your house, it is the best time to try your cooking skills. It is entertaining and can please your family as well. You can, of course, take help from your mother.

What you can do for yourself?

Learn New skills 

We all have been so busy in our lives that we get no chance to explore our true skills. So there is an opportunity to do so, don’t waste it. Learn or try on your own, anything you want.

Yoga and exercise 

Viola! this is the best time to keep yourself fit and fine. Try some yoga moves. Practice the suitable exercise daily in the morning. It will also improve your immunity and make your body less susceptible to the Coronavirus. 

Read Books

If you are really fond of reading, try some new books. You can select storytelling books, novels, science-fictional novels, or any other genres of your choice. 

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Talk to your friends

During hard times, talking and sharing things with your friends is the best medicine. Call them or text them. 


Use Youtube channels, social platforms. These are the apps that will get you everything on the same platform.

Listen to music

Music helps you calm your mind, soothes your soul and give you another level of energy. Listen to your favorite music.

Watch Movies

Movies and TV shows are the best way to entertain yourself alone.

Final Words

These are the few things that can help you utilize your lockdown period in the very best way. Spending time with family not only helps you to stay strong during this critical time, but also give them a feeling of love, care, and togetherness. Doing small things can make your family smile 🙂

Stay home, Stay Safe!

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Check when you should get tested �


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Isolation of persons traveling from affected countries or places for at least 14 days


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✔ Clean hand with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub

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