How To Regain Body Flexibility Over 40 Years

Did you know that your age will not be an obstacle if you want your body to regain flexibility?
A flexible body can be beneficial even more when grow old. In other words, it is possible to Regain Body Flexibility Over 40 Years. So, don’t worry about the age, just look into the ways to become flexible. This will help you live healthily and lessen the risks of injuries.
Today, Canwinn Foundation will discuss the yoga poses that will be helpful in regaining flexibility. You don’t need to rush into things, just start gradually and allow your body to accept what comes.
Below are some yoga poses and ways to perform them.

How To Regain Body Flexibility Over 40 Years?

Yoga has been very helpful in many ways. To regain Body flexibility over 40 years of age, yoga is the first thing that can help you achieve that.

Standing Side Bend

This basic standing pose is very beneficial if you want to stretch the spine and obliques. In addition, standing side bend is the pose that can promote better posture and strengthen your legs.
Steps to perform Standing Side Bend:

  • First, stand straight and keep your feet and legs together. After that, while inhaling reach both arms straight up overhead.
  • To the right side of your body, lower your right arm down. Now, exhale while you moving the left arm to the head and bend your body gently to the right.
  • Continue this process by inhaling when you return your arms overhead to the center.
  • When you repeat this on the left side, exhale your breath.

Pyramid Pose

As your age increases you might face tight hamstrings and sore low backs. These are very frustrating. Therefore, the Pyramid pose is beneficial to get through this hard struggle.
This yoga pose deeply stretch your hamstrings and low back.

Steps to perform Pyramid Pose

  • Start this pose by Standing On The Floor. With the help of right foot’s inside, step about 8 inches behind your left foot.
  • The foot that is in back, should be angled so that you can feel a balance on a beam.
  • Now, extend both arms above your head while inhaling.
  • Gradually move your chest towards the left leg while exhaling.
  • Make your hands reach to the floor.
  • Get your neck and chest relaxed over your left leg and take your breaths slowly.
  • Do this for 30 secs on both sides and repeat this for five times.

Yogi Squat

This pose is beneficial to be done before and after a workout. To Regain Body Flexibility Over 40 Years, involve yogi squat in your daily yoga practice. This pose is helpful in stretching your hips and lower back.

Steps to perform Yogi Squat

  • 1. Start with crouching down with the tailbone that is present between your ankles.
  • 2. Now, join your hands that you do when you pray towards your chest.
  • 3. Firmly press your hands and while doing so, press your elbows as well against your inner thighs.
  • 4. For 30 secs, Stay in this position and follow the deep breaths.

Downward Dog

To Regain Body Flexibility, Downward dog is the perfect and most favored yoga pose.
Especially, this yoga pose offers benefits in stretching back muscles, hamstrings, calves, ankles, and the bottom of the feet.

Steps to perform downward dog

  • Start this pose with a kneel-down position where you will have to put your hands on the yoga mat and widely spread your fingers.
  • Now, make your toes tucked under and push up your body. While doing so engage your core muscles. Leave this movement on your hands and feet on the mat.
  • Make use of your hands and press the floor while moving your chest firmly towards your thighs.
  • Keep your neck, head, and back in the same alignment.
  • After that, lightly make your Heels go towards the floor.
  • Do this yoga pose for 20 seconds and release after that.

Runner’s Lunge

This pose is perfect to relieve hip pain and tightness. Runner’s Lunge allows people over the age of 40 to stretch the muscles.
Steps to perform Runner’s Lunge:

  • Pack your hands below your shoulders and start this pose in a plank position.
  • Now, forward your right foot to the outer edge of your mat. Make sure the foot is next to your right pinky finger.
  • Let your hips and back sink deeper towards the floor gently.
  • At last, breathe and hold this pose for 30 seconds and then switch to the other side.

Final Words
Regardless of your age, you can always make your body flexible and let your body parts breathe independently.
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