The criticality of Corona Disease

Till now, it is estimated that around 6% of COVID19 cases become critically ill.

When the person becomes that ill, the body starts to fail and there is a real chance of death. However, in many cases, a person only shows mild symptoms, and get heal in a few days.

In critical cases, the problem is that the immune system is now spiraling out of control. That eventually cause destruction throughout the body of an individual.

Furthermore, this can lead to septic shock. Meanwhile, the blood pressure falls to perilously low levels and organs stop working properly or completely fails.

Caused by widespread inflammation in the lungs, acute respiratory distress syndrome hinders the body from getting enough oxygen, which is necessary to survive. Ultimately, it can really obstruct the kidneys from cleaning the blood. In addition, it damages the lining of your intestines.

Unfortunately, if the immune system cannot get on top of the virus, then the infection will be spread to every corner of the body. Thus, it will induce even more destruction.

Treatment in the critical stages

Treatment by this stage will be profoundly invasive. The treatment will include ECMO or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. This is basically an artificial lung that is known to take blood out of the body. This process is done through thick tubes. These then oxygenate it and pumps it back in. However, the damage can reach fatal levels. And with these levels, the organs will not be able to keep the body alive.

The first deaths in China

Doctors of China have explained how some patients died despite their best efforts.

At Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, China, there were two patients who were seemingly healthy, however, they were long-term smokers which is probably the reason why their lungs were weak that led them to death. Yes, they both were the first persons who died with COVID-19.

The first person had severe pneumonia by the time he arrived at the hospital. He was a 61-year-old man, who was struggling with acute respiratory distress. He immediately has taken on a ventilator where, unfortunately, his lungs failed and his heart stopped beating. He was admitted for 11 days before he took his last breadth.

The second patient was a 69-year-old man. He was also possessed with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Doctors attached him to an ECMO machine. Sadly, this wasn’t enough.

In the end, he died of critical pneumonia and septic shock when his blood pressure collapsed.

Final Words

Canwinn Foundation cares for the people, and has been taking many steps to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Together, we can fight this Pandemic. Kindly, follow the instructions given by the government. We don’t wish any more death in India. So, Stay safe in your homes!

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Check when you should get tested �

Quarantine if advised

Please maintain social distance to help yourself and your family stay safe.

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Isolation of persons traveling from affected countries or places for at least 14 days

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Coronavirus infection can be prevented through the following means �

✔ Clean hand with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub

✔ Cover nose and mouth when coughing & sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow

✔ Avoid close contact & maintain 1-meter distance with anyone who is coughing or sneezing

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