What is RFL and How it is helpful for Cancer Patients?

Life, a word that gathers a whole universe in it. And how do you feel when you see a threat to your life is another part of the story. Cancer is one the word for that threat. By keeping in mind the value of Life, NGO for Cancer Patients in Delhi has been taking wide measures to help people fight with such threats. One of them is RFL. So, let’s see together how Relay For Life is helpful for Cancer Patients.

RFL Treatment of Cancer Treatment

Relay for Life movement is completely devoted to helping communities fight against Cancer. The movement allows us to remember those we’ve lost, help those affected today, and aware of those who can be suspected in the future. In other words, RFL is an overnight event that promotes awareness of cancer in the community and raises funds to attack cancer.

RFL program is a cancer walk where team members take turns walking around a trail or designated walkway. Each event is designed with the length of 6-24 hours and teams of friends, neighbors, families, and co-workers commit to having a member on the track all the time to signify that cancer never sleeps.

Relay for life contributes to its fundraising efforts and collects donations for food, goods, games, and activities. Therefore, the event is to have fun, raise funds and fight cancer.

Cancer patients truly get motivated to fight against cancer that is why we call it RFL Treatment Cancer Treatment. The rally to fight against cancer expresses that if we have enough faith and courage, we can accomplish anything.

Relay for Life event in schools

Don’t you think spreading awareness among students will make a difference?

The inspiration we aspire comes when we allow ourselves to face and fight. RFL events have been successfully awaking the people with their mission and ambition. And we know that the next generation will be more strong and courageous to fight against the fatal disease.

Below, you’ll know about the three main components of Relay for life program:

Cancer education 

Classroom activities mainly focus on nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco prevention. The activities can be held during the day. It properly spreads awareness to fight against Cancer.


It allows raising funds for Cancer societies with some previously decided activities. Students, teachers, parents, and staff all take part in the fundraising program.

Physical activity

Focusing on Cancer-related things, Relay For Life innovates and offers myriad fun ways for students to get active. By being active in the event, people learn many things that can help them in one way or another.

Relay for life mission statement

All lives matter! The Relay for life mission statement loudly says that Cancer patients are not alone in this fight. The belief is – One day the world will become a cancer-free world. RFL’s mission let people save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

Diet for cancer patients

You might be wondering what diet can benefit a cancer patient and how it can be important if the person is already suffering from the disease. No matter if you are suffering from any disease or not, eating habits does affect your whole internal system. Therefore, it is very important to have a proper diet plan for cancer patients. Our body requires an adequate amount of calories and nutrients to stay strong. However, the disease can make it hard to get what you need as most of the times you just don’t feel like eating.

Now, you don’t need to follow the complex diet chart. Few simple tricks given below will surely work:

Before Treatment

It is always a good idea to have nutritious food before starting your treatment. Get instant cooking foods or readymade healthy food to prevent yourself from the complexions of cooking. Nuts, applesauce, yogurt, pre-chopped veggies, and microwaveable brown rice or other whole grains are easy and preferable options.

During Treatment

During the days of your treatment, eat protein-rich food with healthy calories. Eventually, it will help your body repair quickly and you will feel strong.

High-protein foods include:

Lean meat, chicken, and fish


Beans, nuts, and seeds

Cheese, milk, and yogurt

Drink plenty of water and eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Each action we take together at Canwinn Foundation moves us closer to a cure.

Gather together, Feel strong and fight cancer!

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