During Coronavirus why ventilators are important?     

During Coronavirus why ventilators are important?

Due to the coronavirus crisis, hospitals lived under pressure concerning enough Ventilators. To resolve this issue, the government has taken many steps along with buying a ventilator. To treat the severity caused by a coronavirus, a patient will require a ventilator for survival. Furthermore, we will discuss during Coronavirus why ventilators are important?

What exactly the ventilator is and what is its role during corona?

Let’s start with a simple definition, a ventilator’s main job is to take over the body’s breathing process when the disease has caused the lungs to fail. In other words, a medical ventilator helps the patient breathe when he is unable to physically do so by moving air in and out of the lungs.

This process gives the patient time to combat the infection like COVID-19 and recover. There are several types of medical ventilation that can be used such as Gap ventilation, Purge ventilation through windows, The simplest solution: exhaust system, Controlled ventilation, etc.

Treatment of Coronavirus

As per the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), around 70% of infected people with Covid-19 recover without needing serious hospital treatment. However, the person who displays severe symptoms of coronavirus and becomes seriously ill requires the immediate attention of the Doctors.

In these kinds of severe cases, the virus causes damage to the lungs and eventually, drops the body’s oxygen levels and makes it harder to breathe. That’s where a ventilator is extremely important to use to push air into the lungs with increased levels of oxygen. The ventilator also holds a humidifier that adds heat and moisture to the air supply. Therefore, the air matches the patient’s body temperature.

Medical Ventilation Management

All medical ventilation requires to be closely supervised by trained staff. Sometimes, Patients with milder symptoms are given ventilation with nasal masks, facemasks, or mouthpieces that allow air or an oxygen mixture to be pushed into the lungs.

As no internal tubes are required in it, this is known as “non-invasive” ventilation. Another form of ventilation is continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. This form of ventilation keeps a patient’s airways continuously open.

Risks related to Ventilators

Some risks are associated with the usage of ventilators. Sometimes, Staff does not know who would suffer long-term effects.A ventilator is, seldomly, “the only way of getting oxygen into the patient”. Similarly, not having enough trained staff that can accurately operate the ventilators is another issue.


  • Why ventilators are Important

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