CanWinn Seva Polyclinic - Gurugram

Dr. D.P. Goyal founded the CanWinn Foundation in March 2019 with the goal of empowering people to overcome chronic diseases. It is a non-profit organisation that serves as a link between healthcare practitioners and society. With the ambition of “Swasth Bharat Samridh Bharat (स्वस्थ भारत समृद्ध भारत),” the CanWinn Foundation platform delivers accessible, approachable, and assurable healthcare services to all citizens.

In Gurugram, the CanWinn Foundation’s helping hands save lakhs of people from expensive medical bills, therapy, and other hospital expenses with three active Seva Polyclinics – CanWinn Seva Polyclinic Sector 38, Geeta Bhawan, and Rajendra Park.

All Polyclinics consist of outpatient departments, physiotherapy departments, dental departments, laboratories, etc.

CanWinn Seva Polyclinic
Sector 38 Gurugram

Dr. D.P. Goyal founded the CanWinn Foundation in March 2019 to raise public awareness and educate people about their health. We established the CanWinn Seva Polyclinic in Sector 38, Gurugram, to address health challenges and further our “Swasth Bharat (स्वस्थ भारत)” mission on the ground.

At our CanWinn Seva Polyclinic, anyone can acquire medical care at reasonable prices. Our Seva Polyclinic is essentially a small hospital with free ambulance service for emergencies. Our Seva polyclinic is a modest hospital that offers a variety of services.

Canwinn Seva Polyclinic

Geeta Bhawan Seva Polyclinic

CanWinn Foundation has always been a source of inspiration for the common man in Gurugram, and we have worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality health services at your doorstep. Our primary goal is to provide access to affordable medical facilities at a reasonable cost.

So, on September 12, 2021, we put our idea into reality and celebrated the grand launch of CanWinn Seva Polylclinc in Gurugram’s Geeta Bhawan. Our Seva polyclinic is a modest hospital that offers a variety of services.

rajendra park

CanWinn Seva Polyclinic
Rajendra Park

The CanWinn Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality health care. Residents in Rajendra Park, Gurugram have a hard time finding the top doctors and health care services.

To help people in this situation, the CanWinn Foundation opened its third CanWinn Seva Polyclinic at Rajendra Park, Gurugram on December 2, 2021. Our Seva Polyclinic is essentially a small hospital with free ambulance service.

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