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Crowds of workers gathered to go home in South India too

29 Apr 2020

Crowds of workers gathered to go home in South India too

Around 1500 people from Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, and Jharkhand came on the road in Piped in Kottayam district of Kerala on Sunday. His demand changed into that he be despatched returned to his domestic nation.

Kottayam Collector Sudhir Babu informed BBC Hindi aide Imran Qureshi, "He turned into watching the information of humans going to their homes in other states and they also desired to move back themselves."

He stated, "We instructed them that the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister have made it clear that something is there, they must live there, so delivery isn't always feasible."

The Collector visited 2 hundred such homes where the migrant people stay. Those employees advised them that they do not need the cooked meals being given to the migrant workers with the aid of the Kerala authorities, and then they may receive the meals items that they can cook themselves.

Collector Sudhir Babu said, "We informed them that they will be given all sorts of centers but it isn't possible to move lower back." We were given some of those who should talk to them of their language. "

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