The basic needs are essential to be fulfilled. And therefore, Canwinn helps to fulfill people’s basic needs. Especially in the chaotic situation like the corona period, sadly a large part of the population requires help and support.

So, Canwinn tried to help the needy people as much as possible with the intention of letting them survive in such bad situations.

Moreover, Canwinn is active in helping the poor and needy people in various ways. Many free services are offered by us that are specially planned for the public’s needs.

The vision and mission behind fulfilling the basic needs of the public in chaotic situations

When the unfavorable situation arises, it affects in the ways that nobody can even imagine. Canwinn Foundation has seen the worst to worst situations that prevent people to even fulfill their basic needs. Therefore, our NGO took a big initiative to help people in every possible way. With the strong vision and mission, we have been helping people to go through hard times without compromising with the health. This service is flexible and thus, it changes according to the situations and needs of the public.

Available benefits for the public in unfavorable situations

  • Get food packets
  • Get various medicines
  • Contact for immediate help
  • Get free health checkups
  • Get health advice from doctors on call

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