According to a report, in India, one woman expires of cervical cancer in every eight minutes. 50 per cent of the females who are detected with breast cancer in India do not survive. It is estimated that three thousand five hundred people die in India every day because of deaths caused by tobacco. In 2018, 317,928 people died because of cancer that was caused by tobacco usage. It is estimated that around 2.25 million people are living with cancer in India right now. Each year more than 1,157,294 lakh new cases of cancer are registered in India. In case of Indian men there is a 9.81 per cent chance of developing cancer prior to 75 years.

In case of women this percentage is pegged at 9.42 per cent. In 2018 784,821people died because of cancer in India. 413,519 among them were men and the rest were women. In case of Indian men the risk of dying because of cancer before 75 years is 7.34 per cent. In case of women it has been estimated to be at 6.28 per cent. In India lung and oral cavity cancers make up more than 25 per cent of cancer related deaths in men. In case of women the percentage is same with respect to oral cavity and breast cancer.

The top five cancers for men in India may be enumerated as below:

  • lip and oral cavity
  • lung
  • stomach
  • colorectal
  • aesophagus

For women they may be mentioned as below:

  • breast
  • lip and oral cavity
  • cervix
  • lung
  • gastric

Together these cancers account for almost 47.2 per cent of all instances of cancer in the country. However, if they are screened and detected at an early stage chances are that they can be prevented and treated as well. This would also reduce the death rate from this disease significantly.

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