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Who We Are

Non Government organization working in health sector to make best health services affordable, approachable & assurable for a common man.

Canwinn Foundation is a social networking platform where we work as a bridge between society & healthcare service provider and promote affordable and good health services.

Canwinn Foundation believes that if we promote optimized health services and make it approachable for needy ones, that will help to develop and regain the trust of medical facilities and services providers in common man.

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To offer the best and smooth treatment with the handsome discounted prices.

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To offer the straight path to diagnostic labs for all sets of diagnostic procedures.

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To offer the delivery of the prescribed medicines at home with a discounted rate.

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What we do

We deliver generous services that are entirely based on social causes

Our Recent Public-spirited Services That Filled Many Lives With Hopes

We connect with people to spread disease awareness & support them for the treatment

Being the voice of helpless & incapable people

We have analyzed that the big part of the population is facing many issues in regards to the treatments of chronic diseases. They feel afraid of seeking help and raising their voice against ungenerous assistance. Making it right, Canwinn Foundation dedicatedly assists people that are suffering from diseases to the right place so they can get the best treatment. Fortunately, our NGO has been successfully helping poor and needy people.

Spreading disease awareness to prevent unfavorable situations

We believe the first step to shield ourselves against any sickness is to be aware of it. Knowledge is the key that can help you defend against various conditions. Therefore, Canwinn eagerly spread awareness to the ordinary public, especially to the uneducated population through various awareness camps. We believe people necessitate knowing the causes, treatments, preventions, etc of many diseases. The disease knowledge will transform the country as it will let people control diseases or take early treatments.

Current Event for the Human Welfare

Free Covid Camp.

  • SECTOR-38
  • Gurugram, Haryana

Small Steps can bring big changes!

Our bounteous health camps are endeavored for spreading disease related-awareness, offering free health check-ups, distributing various medicines, and consequently creating healthy lives without seeking for any profits.

You can freely join our health camps to utilize numerous social services.

Our Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Canwinn is doing for youth's and students?

Canwinn has been working with youth and students in-order to make society better and create health awareness in common people because we understand the power of youth and its communication. We provide general body treatment and also provide medicine training and internship related to the health sector.

What canwinn is doing for hospitals?

When people go with the reference of canwinn people get priority in hospitals and has been working to build the trust in-between health sector and society. We also work for people and by the people by helping them go extra miles.

Who are Service provider of Canwinn?

Medicine Provider in Gurugram
Hospitals in Gurugram
Labs in Gurugram

When a patient goes with the reference he/she gets discount on the given bills and get priority too. Canwinn works as a bridge in-between people & health sector.



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