Home remedies for dysentery- How you can treat Dysentery

How you can treat Dysentery

Here we will talk about the condition that causes inflammation in the intestines. This inflammation leads to severe stomach pain and diarrhea. This whole condition is known as Dysentery.
Dysentry lasts up to 3 to 7 days. The common signs of dysentery include

Vomiting, high fever above 100 degrees, nausea, and dehydration. The main reason for this condition is poor hygiene and it may be caused by shigella bacteria (shigellosis) and ameba. Simply, dysentery is a digestive problem. It causes watery stools containing blood.

However, you should consider visiting a doctor if your condition is not right. Further, we are going to share home remedies for dysentery that might help you control the condition.

Types of Dysentery:

There are two types of dysentery such as amoebic dysentery and bacillary dysentery.

  • Amoebic Dysentery
  • Bacillary Dysentery

Symptoms of Dysentery:

The symptoms of dysentery are as follows:

  • Stomach pain and cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • High fever that’s 100 degrees and above
  • Severe abdominal pain even if touched gently
  • Stomach Bloating
  • A desperate feeling of constantly passing stools
  • Weight loss
  • A severe headache

Home remedies for dysentery

Below are some of the home remedies for dysentery:

1) Orange Juice

Orange is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help in the dysentery condition. The flavanoids relieve the intestinal lining.

How to use it?

Take one glass of orange juice at one time. During the whole day, you can drink 3-4 glasses of orange juice for better results.
And use freshly squeezed orange juice to prevent the increased level of sugar in your blood.

2) Buttermilk

The probiotics presented in the buttermilk improves digestion and maintains the scale of good and bad bacteria. So, buttermilk can cut down the infection’s lifespan.
However, those who are lactose-intolerant should avoid buttermilk.

How to use it?

Add a little rock salt in the buttermilk.
Drink buttermilk 2 to 3 times during the day to soothes the dysentery condition.

3) Raw Papaya

Papaya is another natural food that can lessen stomach cramps. Eating papaya help encourage a regular bowel movement.
Moreover, papaya calms digestive and abdominal issues.

How to use it?

Take one raw papaya and three cups of water. Grate the peeled papaya and boil it in the water for 10-15 minutes. Strain the liquid in a glass. Drink the warm water two to three times during the day.
But remember do not consume papaya more than recommended because it can cause stomach irritation.

4) Fenugreek Seeds

The medicinal and nutritional attributes of fenugreek help in reducing inflammation in the digestive tract. Therefore, fenugreek can help soothe dysentery symptoms.

How to use it?

Mix one teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder in a glass of buttermilk. You can drink this twice a day for better results.

5) Lemon

Lemon is loaded with antimicrobial properties. Because dysentery is a microbial infection, lemon can aid in fighting infection-causing bacteria.

How to use it?

Add lemons in one glass of water. After adding lemon slices in the water, boil them. Drink the strained water all day.

6) Apple Cider Vinegar

The active agents presented in the vinegar exhibit antibacterial properties. This helps in removing dysentery causing bacteria.

How to use it?

Add one teaspoon of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) in one glass of warm water. Drink this in the morning. Remember to use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar and consume it in the recommended amount.

7) Black Tea

Black tea is beneficial in the dysentery condition. Drinking black tea can reduce intestinal inflammation. Therefore, black tea can eliminate signs and symptoms of dysentery.

How to use it?

Take 1 teabag of black tea, one cup of water, and lemon. Boil the water and add some black tea leaves. Pour this in the cup and add a dash of lemon.
You can drink this twice a day.

Other Ways to treat Dysentery

  • Prepare a milkshake with pomegranate and drink this.
  • Lemon juice can also be beneficial for treating dysentery.
  • Consume Bananas daily.
  • Drink boiled water or mineral water.
  • Eat well-cooked food.

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How you can treat Dysentery


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