Importance Of Healthy Lifestyle And Reduction Of Stress

Importance Of Healthy Lifestyle And Reduction Of Stress

Stress has become a common problem in today’s runaway life. Stress in India can be seen in both rural and urban lifestyles. There is no main place for stress nor is there any main reason. No age of stress is fixed, it can dominate the human brain at any age. Stress makes life indifferent and takes away happiness and enthusiasm. In today’s time, every person is struggling with stress. Each person is under stress due to different reasons. Stress weakens the human brain and causes many disorders in the body. It is said that to live a happy life, one should live stress-free.

symptoms of stress

The symptoms of stress are very common. The symptoms of stress appear not only on the body but also in the behavior of the person. A stressed person’s life begins to suffer and he becomes a victim of despair and isolation. The following are common symptoms of stress:

1. Digestive problems begin.
2. Constant headache persists.
3. Always appear anxious.
4. There are complaints of insomnia.
5. There is a sudden decrease or increase in appetite.
6. Obesity starts to increase.
7. Body weakness starts coming.
8. Skin dryness and dandruff are the problems.
9. Irritability in nature.
10. Sudden anger or laughter.
11. Trembling hands or grinding teeth.
12. Being mostly depressed.
13. Being drunk.

Causes – The problem is the main cause of stress. Human beings face trouble for some reason at every age, so these problems cause stress. Stress can be seen in children due to pressure from school, studies or syllabus. At the adolescent age addiction to drugs, bad results of studies, unrequited love, etc. cause stress. Problems related to home-family or work in a normal adult cause stress. Loneliness and physical discomfort in old age cause stress. Thus, according to the circumstances in every age, the causes of stress can be understood.

Does stress cause depression?

This is a good question, being constantly stressed causes depression. Depression is a very serious problem. Stress can easily be overcome or it can be understood that stress remains until the problem persists. Stress ends as the problem ends. But depression is a disturbing form of stress. One should consult with a psychiatrist to overcome depression. Recovering from depression is not considered easy. Depression is a type of mental condition from which it is really difficult for anyone to get rid of. Depression generates feelings of isolation and can lead to a mental state where a person can commit suicide.

Preventive measures

There are several ways to avoid stress. Psychiatrists recommend getting deep sleep to overcome stress or depression, so they give the medications which lead to sleep. Stress and depression can also be avoided without drugs. Let us see what measures can be taken to overcome stress or depression:

* Location has a very deep effect on depression, hence relocation is recommended first. This relocation can be done for a short time or forever.

* A situation can be the cause of stress or depression, so it is considered most important to get out of that situation.

* It is advisable to go on a long trip with friends or family.

* Meditation is a very effective remedy. Meditation in a calm and clean environment is an effective way to overcome depression. It is also advisable to join a yoga and meditation center.

* Laughter material may prove helpful to overcome depression.

Disclaimer: Any type of health advice given by Canwinn is general information only. In any disease, be sure to consult a doctor before adopting canwinn advice or Ayurvedic prescription.

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