Sleeplessness (Insomnia) Disease And Common Methods Of Prevention

What is sleeplessness (Insomnia)?

For a healthy body, getting enough sleep is just as important as anything else in a healthy life. The problem of sleeplessness is called Insomnia. Many problems arise in the body due to not getting enough sleep and difficulties begin in life. Brain and stomach disorders start occurring. Now sleeplessness has become a common problem in the urban lifestyle. This problem arises due to the nowadays runaway lifestyle and depression.

Is insomnia a disease? What are the common symptoms of insomnia?

Insomnia is a disease that most people are not aware of. This is a common problem caused by modern lifestyle. It can be identified by its symptoms. Common symptoms are frequent changes in behavior, irritability, sudden anger, less concentration, loss of memory, persistent loss of immunity, etc. Insomnia problems can lead to heavy problems in normal life or in professional life.

The main causes of insomnia problem can be:

Modern lifestyle – In general, the main reason for the problem of insomnia in most people today is a lifestyle. In present-day Bhagoda, the common person is unable to get enough sleep due to lack of time. Apart from this, problems in professional life, domestic problems, bitterness in relationships, alcohol or drug addiction, late-night television, using mobile or working on the computer can be the main reasons. Coffee, tea, cola and other caffeine-containing beverages impede deep sleep.

Mental Depression – Due to problems or debts, etc. in the domestic or professional life, the mental depression problem arises which is a major cause of insomnia. Negative thinking, anxiety, fear in the mind, etc. are the major causes of mental depression. This creates the problem of overthinking which is extremely harmful to life.

Physical distress – Physical distress, traumatic injury due to an accident, physical weakness, or any other disease can be the main cause of insomnia. As it is common to complain of insomnia from asthma or allergies, it is common to have sleep disturbances in the event of a cold.

Unfavorable environment – Non-conducive environment can also be the main reason for not sleeping. It is normal to not be able to get enough sleep in a very noisy environment or polluted environment. A noisy environment or polluted environment makes the possibility of insomnia problems stronger.

Older age – Insomnia problem can usually be seen in older people, ie the elderly. It has been recognized that sleeplessness is a common problem after the age of 55 in women and 60 in men.

Home remedies to deal with insomnia problem:

1. Massaging mustard oil on the soles of the feet at bedtime can reduce sleeplessness.
2. Massaging the scalp with ghee oil and almond Rogan can help improve sleep.
3. Ensure the time to sleep and wake up.
4. Stop overthinking from dominating yourself, stop thinking while sleeping.
5. Listen to melodious music, listening to natural music at bedtime (drifting water, flute melodies, etc.) can prove to be good therapy.
6. Avoid caffeine and alcohol or consume in limited quantities. Do not use smoke.
7. Exercise daily, do meditation, avoid depression and learn to be happy.
8. Organize your sleeping area and make it comfortable.
9. Consult a psychiatrist if you have more insomnia.

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