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Chest-physician is a doctor who diagnoses and treats the problem related to the respiratory system. The respiratory system includes the lungs and all other organs that help in the breathing process. There might be some chances that the person might neglect the small respiratory problems like flu or pneumonia. But later on, such problems might cause big dangers.

Whenever a person feels short of breathing, it is a sign to consult a chest physician as he can suggest better ways to understand and cure the problem. Certain symptoms that act as signs to see experts are like if cough is very severe and lasts more than three months. Whenever any person feels chest pain or tightness or if any person’s asthma problem is not in control. There is difficulty in breathing while doing activities. All these are signs of getting your check-up from a chest physician.

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    Dr. Abhinandan Mishra

    Dr. Abhinandan Mishra

    MBBS,MD,DM Gastroenterology
    7 Years Of Experience,

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