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Who are the General Physicians?

A general physician is a skilled healthcare practitioner who can give patients a wide range of non-surgical therapies. Instead of specializing in a specific field of medicine, they provide general health care such as vaccines and physical examinations to assess and treat a variety of diseases, such as injuries and illnesses. They are also equipped to deal with the psychological and social consequences of the disorders.

What does a general practitioner do?

  • Identify the disease.
  • Treating complicated and dangerous disorders
  • Diagnosis of symptoms that affect multiple body systems
  • Identifying the basic symptoms of a cold, flu, or fever
  • Treat strokes and paralysis as well
  • Diagnostic tests logically and safely

Best General Physician in Gurugram

CanWinnn Seva Polyclinic has general physicians who are experts at preventing and treating diseases and injuries, as well as ensuring their patients’ health through medication. We make absolutely sure you have access to the top general physician in your area at CanWinnn Polyclincs, so you don’t have to drive far for care.

How do general practitioners do the treatment?

Treatments are carried out by general practitioners using medications and exercises. They never carry out operations.

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