We organize a time to time health camps to spread awareness and support people to cope up with diseases. The health camps are open for community and we do not charge anything to visit our camps and receive services.
The intension of organizing camps is to make people aware of the diseases, treatments, preventions, hospitals, and doctors. During health camps, we also offer free health check-ups and test services. The full-body health checkups allow you to be aware if you are having any disease so you can seek immediate treatment.

The vision and mission behind Health and awareness Camps

Health and health-related issues have always been complicated in our country. Poor knowledge and facilities are the biggest reason for spreading diseases. Therefore, Canwinn Foundation has taken an initiative to provide people some test facilities and make them aware of the diseases so they can take care of themselves.

The vision of making people safe and healthy have let our foundation to start the Health and awareness Camps. Since then, Canwinn has been triumphantly supporting people with all the possible resources and letting people know about all the healthcare facilities.

Available Facilities in the Health and awareness camp

  • Blood tests
  • ECG
  • Antigen tests
  • Blood Pressure Checkups
  • The ratio of Bad Cholesterol to Good Cholesterol
  • Hygiene awareness

Health and Awareness Camps Resources

Our camp has successfully supported public