Plasma donation in Gurugram – Save Lives in tough Time

Plazma Donation Request

Plasma Donation

As the COVID-19 Pandemic or Corona Virus hit the world and it went into crisis people were in need of different kind of basic needs so Canwinn foundation founder Dr. D.P Goel & Naveen Goel were working for the welfare of the society helping people in need, providing food packages, distributing masks & sanitizers, Running Covid Tests Camps.

Also the delivery of medicines at home for free along with the hefty discounts, but as soon the plasma therapy came and world got to know about the benefits of plasma therapy and how it can cure the Covid patients, team Canwinn with the help of the Rotary blood bank, Gurugram & Chief Medical Officer Gurugram took the one step forward to help the people in need by providing them plasma.


Plasma In Covid

Canwinn started the plasma donation and soon become the first organization in India to provide 250+ Plasma to the people saving life of 400+ critical Covid patients.

We began it with the social cause helping people in need, now we are doing it with the help of district administration and health department of Gurugram, From collection of samples , identifying antibodies to providing the donation and helping the donor and recipient connect.

We request whomsoever is capable of providing plasma after recovering from Covid please let us know we will guide you through it.


Process of Plasma Donation

  • Home collection Of Sample to Identify antibodies
  • Identification of the donor
  • Collection Of Plasma
  • Processing of plasma
  • Providing Plasma to Recipient

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Plasma Donation

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